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About Cathy

Romance author Cathy Shouse writes contemporary stories about strong heroines in small town settings. A freelance journalist published in Family Fun, Indianapolis Monthly, and the Saturday Evening Post magazines, her writing often appears in four Indiana newspapers. She was chosen as a Midwest Writers Workshop Fellow in Fiction in 2007 and was subsequently invited to join the MWW planning committee.

Cathy lives in the Midwest and graduated from Indiana University with majors in oboe and marketing. A former financial adviser with a Chartered Financial Consultant degree, she and her husband Jim have two children and two dogs named after vehicles they are too frugal to ever own. Mercedes is a pretty mutt and Bentley is an oversized Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix, gentle as a teddy bear. 

When she isn't writing, she assists her son Matt, an award-winning filmmaker:

Practically since birth, Cathy has never been without a book, or five, (and more recently an e-reader). The love of everything literary led her to her love of writing.

Her travel story about Washington D.C. appeared in June, 2012

A story about her experience at the Super Bowl festivities in Indianapolis appeared in February, 2012

Cathy guest posted on the Seekerville fiction writer's blog in November, 2010, with "Show Up For Your Dreams" here

She was a guest on the Seekerville fiction writer's blog again in May, 2011, with 10 Tips for Turbo-Charging Your Marketing

A story about the James Dean exhibit at the Indiana State Museum appeared Jan. 2013 in the Herald Bulletin of Anderson

She wrote about her trip to the Playboy Mansion for Mary O'Connor's memorial service on the Indianapolis Monthly blog in Feb. 2013 here

Her blog post on Seekerville May 13, 2013 talked about writing contests

Images of America: Fairmount

Cathy's book, Images of America: Fairmount, is an historic photo book about Fairmount, Indiana, the town where film icon James Dean was raised. The Fairmount Historical Museum assisted with the book, which has numerous photos of Dean sprinkled throughout, some of them never-before published. James Dean's relatives kindly contributed to the book and opened up their personal scrapbooks to the project. Many townspeople who knew Dean are quoted in the book, which also has many stories about townspeople that are similar to those of quite a few Midwestern towns that were influenced by the Gas Boom era.

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